08 August 2016

Saying 'Yes' And Saying 'No'

'Yes' and 'No' are the two most important words in any business. Those two syllables, by themselves, determine whether there business will be done and whether a sale will be made. They determine whether a customer will be satisfied. I do not exaggerate when I say companies rise and fall by their use of 'Yes' and 'No'.

As people, we are defined by that to which we say 'Yes' and that to which we say 'No.' Whatever else we say, these two words set forth our values, establish our priorities, and define our boundaries. The same is true for any business--'Yes' and 'No' give a business its form, its culture, its style.

Is either one more important than the other? No. Saying 'No' to a bad idea or a bad proposition is just as much a positive outcome as is saying 'Yes' to a good idea or a good proposition. The particular word, 'Yes' or 'No', matters far less than the substance to which one says 'Yes' or 'No'.

At Voice The Right Way, we say 'Yes' to good business wherever it may be found. We say 'Yes' to keeping our customers satisfied, and meeting their needs as much as we can. Naturally, "good business" for us necessarily entails profit--we can and we will say 'No' to business proposals which are not reasonably certain of turning a profit--but if a customer need or a customer want can be both adequately served and profitable then we will always say 'Yes' to serving that need or want.

Our saying 'Yes' to our customers directly influences how our network is built out, and how our systems are designed. 

  • We say 'Yes' to customers being able to use their own VoIP devices and softphone clients, so while there is a preferred list of devices that we will automatically provision, we also provide instructions for manually configuring any device not on our supported list. 
  • We say 'Yes' to our customers being able to grow their businesses without losing economies of scale, and so we have devised enterprise pricing plans that allow our customers to purchase exactly the resources they need for as long as they need. 
  • We say 'Yes' to our customers being able to use VoIP as a vital tool for their businesses, and so we constantly strive to improve our own systems and enhance the value they deliver, both in terms of service quality and an ever expanding list of features.
By the same token our saying 'No' impacts how we do business.

  • We say 'No' to a constant stream of "small" charges and fees; we strive to make our invoicing simple, transparent, and straightforward. 
  • We say 'No' to extravagant but empty promises that surpass what our systems can offer; rather, we focus on listening to our customers and crafting solutions that actually meet their specific needs, and not some sales-driven vision of what they "should" need. 
  • We say 'No' to "vaporware"--solutions, capabilities, and infrastructure that we have not yet built or acquired; we strive to be straightforward and transparent with our customers, no matter the circumstance.
Every business claims to be focused on serving their customers. At Voice The Right Way, we demonstrate that focus with two simple words: 'Yes' and 'No'.